Project Description


Directed by Cinzia Th Torrini
2011, Italy – France
2 episodes of 100’, Color, HD, 1.85 : 1
Rai Fiction with the participation of France 3

The Charterhouse of Parma, an adaptation for television of the famous novel by Stendhal, is an history of characters dominated by strong passions which move with courage and unscrupulousness in the political context of the the Restoration. This context turned off every libertarian illusion born in Italy with Napoleon Bonaparte.
Spring 1815 – The young idealist Fabrizio del Dongo goes away to join the Napoleonic troops. The defeat at Waterloo marks for him the end of his dreams of glory. He comes back home where he is accused of treason, and he is forced to leave from his father. So, to save himself, Fabrizio decides to follow the plain organized by his aunt Gina and the Count Mosca: Fabrizio moves to Naples and undertakes the ecclesiastical career. Gina marries the Duke Sanseverina and becomes the most offing lady of the court of Parma. Fabrizio returns to Parma and meets Clelia. They fall madly in love, but Fabrizio has to run away because he kills an actor in a duel. Suspected of liberal sympathies he is captured by Prince and locked up in the fortress. Fabrizio flees from the Fortress and Gina orders Ferrante Palla, a bandit and a revolutionist, to kill the Prince. However in Parma the situation gets complicated and Gina and Fabrizio are forced to come back. Gina has to return to free form troubles herself and the Conte. Fabrizio comes back to return spontaneously in the fortress and try to convince Clelia not to marry Crescenzi, to which she had to engage. In this way Fabrizio exposes himself to the risk of being poisoning by the General of the Fortress. The situation evolves with the sacrifices made by the main characters: Gina gives herself the young prince; Count Mosca resigns from his position; Clelia saves Fabrizio from poisoning. The carousel of passions seem to stop: Clelia gets married with Crescenzi; Fabrizio becomes a preacher of the United Nations; Gina and Mosca go away from Parma. A year later love turns on again between Clelia and Fabrizio; they have a son who dies in the first year of life. This death will bring Fabrizio to close himself in the Charterhouse of Parma.

Direction: Cinzia ThTorrini
Screenplay: Louis Gardel, Frederic Mora, Francesco Arlanch, in collaboration with Cinzia ThTorrini and Jaques Nahum
With: Marie JoseeCroze, Rodrigo Guirao Diaz, Alessandra Mastronardi, HippolyteGirardot, François Berleand
Organizzazione Generale: Gianfranco Coduti
Sound: Karim Belfitah
Set designer: Giada Calabria
Costume: Florence Emir
Cinematography: Bernard Malaisy
Make Up: Franco Corridoni
Hairdresser: Alberta Giuliani
Music: Savio Riccardi
Editing: Ugo De Rossi
Production: Rai Fiction, con la partecipazione di France 3
Rai Producer: Daria Hansemberger
Associate Producer: Monique Trnka
Produced by: Roberto Levi per Tangram Film // Jaques Nahum per JNP France Film // Dominique Ambiel per Aprime Group

Les Lauriers de la Radio et de la Télévision 2013 – “Laurier Fiction 2013”
Roma Fiction Fest – Fiction Edita 2012 – In competition

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